Adiponectin Test Kit ( Latex enhanced Immunoturbidimetric Assay)


Clinical significance
Risk prediction of type 2 diabetes、Efficacy evaluation of health management intervention、 Differential Diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes and medication guidance

Target User
Suitable for adults aged 18-60.

Hospitals, physical examination institutions, private hospitals, primary medical institutions, health management centers

Adaptable Analyzers:
The test kit is intended to use with the biochemical analyzers below:
AU Series (AU5800, AU2700, AU680, AU640, AU480,AU400);
Hitachi Series (Hitachi7600,Hitachi7180, Hitachi7170,
Hitachi7100, Hitachi7080, Hitachi7060, Hitachi7020);
Mindray Series (MindrayBS800, MindrayBS480, MindrayBS400, MindrayBS200);
TOSHIBA series (TOSHIBA TBA120(AbbottARCHITECTC8000), TOSHIBA BA2000(AbbottAEROSET), TOSHIBATBA40FR); Beckman Series (Beckman DXC800, DXC600,BeckmanDXC600, BeckmanCX9, BeckmanCX5)


Risk Prediction and Personalized Management of Type 2 Diabetes
Product parameters
Assay Principle
Latex-enhanced Immunoturbidimetry
Detection Range
Sample Type
Within-run Precision
Applicable Models
Various types of biochemical analyzers